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Password Director online services

We offer you two services: Password Estimation Service and WEB Access to your Password Database.

   Password Estimation Service    WEB Access

Protecting  documents and computer with passwords is very popular now.  Passwords can be weak or strong.

To be sure that you choose right password  better to estimate how reliable it is.

We offer you two opportunities to estimate your password here.

  • Password Calculator
    With the Online Password Calculator you may calculate the time it takes to search for a password using brute-force attack under conditions you specify.

  • Password Analyzing Service
    Using our online Password Analyzing Service you can check if given password is weak. Approximate estimation of time required to recover the password will be also given.

Web Access to your Password Database is a unique feature that allows you have an access to all your passwords over the Web.

1. You must be registered user of Password Director. This feature is not available for unregistered users of the trial version.
If you are not a registered user yet, use as email address and sample as a password to view a sample report.

2. You should publish your Password Database using
File | Publish
menu command.

Once you meet these requirements you can view your Password Database from any computer in the world connected to the Internet.

Note that:

  • There is no software to install on the computer to see the database. So you can use computer running any operating system such as Windows, Unix or Mac.

  • Password Database is password-protected and properly encrypted so it is safe!

So, are you ready?

  • Click here to proceed using regular (unsecured) connection. Warning! Information will be sent as a plain text in unencrypted form! It could be intercepted!

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