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Password Director key features

Password Director is more than just yet another password manager.

Password Director's key features:

  • High Reliability
    LastBit Software has offered password recovery tools since 1997. Thus, we can guarantee that Password Director is a reliable product.

  • Powerful and Flexible Items
    Each item is shown in a user-friendly way, for example a credit card item is shown as a real credit card. You can adjust the appearance of the item, attach comments, logo, picture, sound or even documents to it.

  • Publish Password Database
    You can publish your own Password Database on our server, so you will be able to access it over the Web from any computer with internet access and even from any WAP-enabled mobile phone. Consider the case when you urgently need information that was stored in the Password Database. You can get it using your mobile phone or any computer including that in the Internet cafe. Since Password Database has been encoded with your Master Password your privacy is reliably protected. You can browse Password Database using a protected SSL connection by HTTPS protocol that protects your information from unauthorized access.

  • Automatic and Manual Password Capture
    Password Director can automatically grab all application passwords as you enter them.

  • Remember Password Function
    allows you to remember your password easily when it is requested by any application.

  • Built-in Password Analyzer
    helps you to evaluate password quality and detect weak passwords.

  • Built-in Password Generator ("suggest a password" feature)
    helps you to generate a reliable password.

  • Import and Export
    you can easily import your existing records into the Password Database and export them back. You can export Password Database as a password-protected well-encrypted HTML file.

  • Powerful and Handy User Interface
    You can create and manage folders to store items; cut, copy and paste items; bookmark items; sort them and more.

  • Onscreen keyboard for Master Password entering
    Onscreen keyboard input could not be intercepted with a keylogger.
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