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Password Analyzing Service

Using our Password Analyzing Service you can check if your password is weak. Approximate estimation of time required to recover the password will be also given.


Important notes:

  • Password security depends on the system in whole and not just on chosen password. For instance, you may get access to MS Word document even if you use very reliable password, because the password security in  MS Word is unreliable.

  • Checking your password Password Analyzer will check it for the possibilty of  being guessed with Brute-force Attack, Dictionary Attack, Smart-force attack and some advanced recovery techniques. If your password is recognized as weak one, this is so indeed. You should not use it to secure important information. However, if the password is recognized as "probably strong", this means that it may by strong, though its security is not guaranteed. It may be cracked with more advanced recovery methods. In respect to the performance we use relatively small dictionary. May be, your password is absent in this dictionary, so it can be estimated as "probably strong", but the password may be hacked if the large dictionary is used.


This service is completely free.


Please enter the password you want to analyze and click Submit button.



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